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Ok so hey guys. I've had many players been asking me about stats to add on characters. I've decided to just post it on this blog. I hope this guys help everyone. Also, I will post stats for characters assuming that you have a newbie set +11 for that specific character. If you don't have one of those noob sets, just add the minimum Str or Int that is required for the armor that you attain as you level up, then follow the builds as close as you can.



OK, this characters build can get a little tricky. But I will try my best to explain how to build each type.

SURVIVAL HUNTER: Survival Hunters are typically Bow-Users.

STR: 200. I reccommend a small ammount of str for some good damage increase. A little str goes a long way. Also, if you dont have a newbie set, this should be enough for the requirements of armors and weapons.
Int: 0 - No hunter needs any Int. Don't waste your stats here.
Dex: 2065 - The main stat of Hunter. Dex will give you much evasion, and still give damage as well as attack speed. As a Bow user, you need all three of those in WYD. So Dex is very important in a Hunter.
Con: 1100 - this will give you some nice HP. Hunter with high dex and good con will be tank, with good damage and still last long in battle. This Con saves you in many situations.

TRADE Hunter:
This Hunter Typically uses swords or axes to fight. The Last skill of Trade sacrifices Mana for HP, So its a nice character especially for tank.

Str: 0 For this hunter, I don't recommend any str. You can get high damage from dual weilding, and you will still get damage from your Dex.
Int: 0 - again, no Hunter needs int.
Dex: 2265 - I reccommend this character have really good dex, because like I said, with the last skill giving more HP, and the weapons giving high damage, with dex and con you can last long and still do good damage in battle.
Con: 1100 - This con will give you even better HP especially with the Last Skill making your HP Higher.

Capture Hunter-
This Hunter typically uses Claws as your weap. This hunter is pretty tricky. The Last skill enable for you to go invisible, and to sneak up on characters, so it's convienient for PvP.

Str: 1400 - I personally like this Hunter like a TK. This hunter for me can rely on the skills that hunter learns. The skills power are based on the Str Stat. So I think this HT needs lots of str, in order to make powerful skills.
Int: 0 again xD.
Dex: 565. - To make your attack speed pretty good and you still occasionally get a miss or two which is pretty convienient
Con: 1400 - To make your HP pretty high as well. This Hunter wont have as much miss, so you need to make up for it with your HP.

*If you will make soul type with these hunters, I reccomend Full Dex soul for the Survival and Trade Hunters, and str con soul for the capture hunter.*

Beastmaster is a really versatile character in WYD. I will try my best to explain the builds.

Elemental Beastmaster.
This Beastmaster is a MAP User. Uses magic attacks, but should still have good HP so you can last battles. All beastmasters will have SOME resist with the elemental buffs, so its good in PvP against map users as well. They should use a map weapon like a spear.
Str: 0 - I don't recommend any str for any map user, because it really is just wasted stats. try to use items that don't have a str requirement.
Int:2665 - This beastmaster uses MAP, and MAP is measured through int. It's only natural to have lots of int.
Dex: 0 - This is also wasted stats for a map user. Dex for a map user is like Int for a hunter :P.
Con: 700 - you want a little of this but be careful to not overload it. Beastmasters skills have naturally low map, so you kinda need to conserve some stats to make soom good map with lots of Int.

Pure Beastmaster (sumonners)
These beastmasters are the best for PvE. They count on their animals for killing their enemies, and trust me, the animals can be STRONG xD. They need defense to make up for their lack of con, so I recommend a shield and a throwing weapon for more defense, but I know some that use a map weapon.

Str:0 - not needed for this type of class
Int: 3365 - for this class, i really recommend ALL int. Because the animals power is based on your int, so with full int, you will have EXTREMELY strong animals. to protect you and all that xD.
Dex: 0 all stats to int
Con: 0 all stats to int.

Nature Beastmaster:
This type of beastmaster should be a tanker to me. This beastmaster can have GREAT resist and GOOD defense with his Nature transformations, and also this beastmaster can have really great resistance as well, making map useless on it. They typically use SHIELD and THROWING weap on a mortal.

Str: 0 I really dont recommend any str on this beastmaster, because his transformations will give you decent attack if you have a decent weapon for it. Also, like I said, I like using this type of character as a tanker, not attacker.
Int: 0 - any kind of damage user/tanker doesn't need int.
Dex: 1650 - this will give some extra damage, and some convienient misses, good enough to be able to tank some hits.
Con:1715 - this, I find is the main stat that should be put on Nature Beastmaster. As a tanker, you need lots of HP, and this will give you the HP you need to tank attacks.

*For soul types, I recommend full int for both the Elemental and Pure Beastmasters, and dex/con soul for the Nature Beastmaster*

My personal favorite. Foema is also very versatile like the Beastmaster. It can be a powerhouse, a tanker, or a damage dealer. I will do my best to explain each type of Foema.

BLACK (Artilllery) Foema:
This Foema is a powerhouse character. It can deal MASSIVE damage in a short ammount of time with their high MAP, and still have good defense due to Mana Shield buff. I recommend a two handed staff as their weapon.
Str: 0 - I don't recommend any str for a Foema, simply because more str means less int, and less int means less map xD. So again, try to use items without a str requirement.
Int: 3065 - This is the main stat of Foema. With this much int, you are SURE to have good map, and you are SURE to be a real powerhouse.
Dex: 0 I dont recommend Dex For any MAP user.
Con: 300 - This con will actually save you in PvP. Foema will have massive map, but they also need some HP, since this class will have the lowest HP naturally. This small ammount of con goes a LONG way, and with it along with your mana shield buff, you can be a REALLY strong character.


Blood Foemas have VERY high HP, and can heal along with being tank, so its REALLY helpful in hunting parties, and in PvP as well. I recommend a Shield and a one handed staff for more defense, and some slight map help
Str: 0 - I don't recommend this, as you wont even really be fighting, and if you do it will be from map.
Int: 0 - I don't recommend any of this either, because you will really only be healing, and tanking, and theres nothing that int can give you that can help in those two areas xD.
Dex: 0 - again, nothing needed right here because of the fact that you will be healing and tanking. Dex is good for tank, but I tried both some dex and con and full con for this type of character, and I personally rather full con.
Con: 3365 - All the stat points should flood here for a good tanker and a great healer.

Battle Foemas:
Battle Foemas are foemas that use their buffs to make them stronger. They are damage users, and can be good when properly built, especially in PvP with their last skill which prevents the victim from using any healing potions (MUAHAHAHA). They either use Dual weilding or Bows. I will teach the bow user build because I like range xD.
Str:200 - for bow users, I like to have this as some backup damage, sort of like in the Survival Hunter build.
Int: 0 - like I said, you don't really need any int for damage users. Some say to add int here to strengthen your Mana shield buff, but I tried it out, and really i didnt find a difference with int or without. Int here to me is like wasted stats.
Dex: 1600 - As a bow user, you will need plenty of dex, and this is enough to last you. Especially if you get the soul for this character.
Con: 1565 - You will need a lot of con to make a damage user from a Foema, since Foemas have naturally Low HP. This will give you the HP you need to be a good damage user.

*For Soul types, I recommend Full Int for the Black Foema, Full Con for the White foema, and Dex/Con type for the Battle Foema*

Transknights can be some pretty heavy damage dealers as well. They can choose to focus on their might and be damage, or focus to win battle with their head more than brutal force. I will try to explain the builds of each type of Transknight.

This transknight focusses on their might to win the battles they are in. They can learn some pretty powerful skills that can help them greatly in the battles they get into. I recommend using a two handed sword to give more damage.
*you can choose to go Dex Type or Str Type. As a mortal, I recommend Str type.*

Str: 1800 - This will enable you to have POWRFUL skills AND POWERFUL attack. With the 3 skills you learn, you can 3 hit basically anything. Pretty convienient.
Int- 0. For this type of Transknight which is a Melee character, you wont need any Int.
Dex: 400 - To make your attack speed pretty good, and also get some occasional misses with map, which is good in certain PvP Situations.
Con 1165 - This will give you some good HP, especially with the Faith Buff Skill, Growth which increases your maximum con and HP. This will help you last in battles.

Pretty much a derivitive of str type, but I recommend dual weilding (two swords or axes) for this type of build..(I recommend Str type build for Mortal TK anyway, lol.)
Str: 400 - give yous some damage increase, good for your damage, since it will be significantly decreased due since your Dex will be high rather than your Str.
Int: 0 - Damage types don't need Int
Dex: 1800 - Good dex for tanking due to evasion, and still gives some extra attack.
Con: 1165 - Same ammount of con, it will help you tank and give you good HP.


Magic Knight:
This type of Transknight uses their wisdom rather than force. They are MAP users, and can learn some powerful skills. I recommend to use a two handed MAP weapon, such as a spear.
Str: 0 - I don't recommend str for any MAP users.
Int:: 2865 - Main stat of MAP Users. With this Int, you will have pretty good MAP.
Dex: 0 - I also think that Dex is a waste of stats when it comes to MAP Users.
Con: 500 - This will give you some decent HP, but I personally think that Magic Knights should focus more on their MAP rather than their HP, also the Growth buff will give you plenty of HP

Faith Knight:
This type of transknight is a derivitive of the Magic Knight. It focusses on both MAP and HP to make a good type of Knight. It can outlast a Magic Knight, but wont have as much MAP, and focusses mainly or their strong buffs and debuffs. Like a Magic Knight, I recommend a spear to use as a weapon.
Str: 0 - again, Str is useless to Map Users.
Int: 2065 - This Int will give you decent map, and with your con and HP, you will be a good damage dealer as well as a good tanker
Dex:0 - Wasted stats on a map user xD.
Con: 1300 - This will ensure you to have plenty of HP, especially with the growth buff. Good tanker, and pretty good attacker too.

*For Soul type, Go Str/Con for str type Transknight, Dex/Con for Dex type transknight, Full Int for both Magic and Faith Knights*

Those are my builds for the characters of WYD. Try them out, and tell me what you think. I really hope this helps you guys!!!
If you have any questions, or would like more information regarding builds, or anything in WYD, do not hesitate to PM me in game. My character name is MirageFoema and I am usually on Server 4, and I AM on server 4 every day at 7-10 GMT except on Sundays due to my OP Shift.



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